Weekly Snippet 💡 - The barriers limiting you. Before any reflection is made, I just want to ask you… how are you feeling? What has been your favorite moment of the week so far? Any video/boo…
Which one we choose: connecting or mere desiring?
Week´s Snippet 💡 - Construct a deep meaning, do not fake it. Has it ever happened to you the phenomenon of wanting what´s shown behind the screen of your cellphone? Of your computer? Wanting a certain aspe…
Have you ever identified those silent opressors? Many of us pay for the costly.
Week´s Snippet 💡 - Don´t pay for the costlyRecently, I stumbled upon the idea of the hidden costs of living. Those “things” do not necessarily cost us money, and yet, we pay a higher pric…
A series of reflections that can warm-up a whole world.
Week´s Snippet 💡 - A thank you message How are you doing? I´m asking in the most profound way possible. How are you doing friend? First of all. I just want to say thank you. Thank you…
It´s not a skill. It´s a virtue for becoming better humans.
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